About The Talking Violin

sheds light on curious facts about Brazil – but it also touches on issues that somehow connect Brazilians to world topics, making this audioblog an invaluable link between South America’s powerhouse and the rest of the globe.

Nearly 6 Million Followers Later – YouTube Sensation Kéfera Buchmann Enjoys Unparalleled Success in Brazil

It is 1:30 p.m. The plane is about to land, and suddenly the crew is taken aback by a stern order straight from the cockpit: Please – make sure that Ms. Kéfera Buchmann is the very last passenger to get off the plane. Stunned flight attendants and passengers alike, then, start looking around trying to identify to whom the captain is referring. A few seconds later, a rather shaken 22-year-old raises her arm in the back of the plane, “I’m Kéfera.”