Yes, in the country of soccer, kids and teens also love basketball. And when word came that LeBron James was sitting out the Olympics in Rio, heartbroken youngsters couldn’t help but wonder why. After all, despite the objection of their nagging parents, they’d spent countless hours in front of TV sets watching game after game and rooting for the man they simply adore. Then, to top it all off, led by the basketball legend, the Cavaliers went on to clinch the NBA title. Ah, anticipation was through the roof, and young fans all over Brazil started thinking about the day they’d finally have a chance to marvel at Mr. James’s remarkable abilities on home turf. Jubilation didn’t last long, however. Citing the need for rest, the player’s agent announced the megastar would be taking a vacation instead. Now, still trying to come to grips with their utter disappointment, hordes of teary-eyed supporters hope the basketball phenom reconsiders his decision or, at least, picks one of Brazil’s many stunning tourist destinations for his well-deserved time-out. So they all in unison say: “Come on – LeBron – think it over!”

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