The headline reads: “Wise up – Pun Intended – Mr. Flávio Augusto da Silva!” And, of course, if you don’t live in Brazil (even if you do), you may be wondering to what the “Pun Intended” part of it is referring, right? O.K., Mr. Violin to the rescue: as the story goes – a long, long time ago, Mr. da Silva took out a high-interest loan to start a business (an English-language school). Yep, you guessed it: he named it WiseUp. His investment paid off, and this daring Brazilian made a killing. Fast-forward to 2016, and there he is, living in Orlando as the majority owner of a soccer team and having a $156 million stadium built – business venture in which he wants you to invest $500,000 in exchange for — surprise, surprise — a green card. And before you cry foul, I have to say: it’s perfectly legal!

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